Jones Onigbinde

Jones Onigbinde – Great Mother Heart …

As a child I was very mischievous (as most children can be). I would get into trouble, disobey my mother, make unrealistic demands – I was a normal child. My mother was patient, supportive, but even so there were times when she would reach her limit. Rather than lash out in anger, she would pray. She would pray for patience, kindness, grace … but more than anything, she would pray for me.

Here’s an excerpt from page 14 of my book, Great Mother Heart:

Like all mothers she prayed that I didn’t get sick from the water diseases; she prayed that everyone would learn from me; she prayed all day for my safety; she prayed that I didn’t get hurt. She never made me feel small, she protected me as a father should and she loved me tenderly like only a mother could. She became everything to me, although I did not have the sense to realize it at the time. She has played an important role in my entire past, she still does in my present and she will continue to do so in my future. She is the motivational force behind my success. She continued to pray for me endlessly; she would stay late in the church to pray for my future. She prayed that the dreams she had seen for me became a reality.

Her untiring efforts, her prayers, and her putting me as a priority were the greatest sacrifices and to this day, I am humbled by the love she showed to me, even when her nerves must have been stretched to the limit. Because of her I can now extend that same patience, love, kindness and faith to my own family.

Hopefully you have experienced the same love and patience from your mother, but if you haven’t, set a better example for your own family. Be the mother that you wish your own had been – break the cycle and show patience and understanding. Give your children a foundation based on faith and love.

Your prayer will go a long way to change the life’s trajectory of your child for better. It is not too late to begin to pray for your child; you can begin today and watch amazing things begin to happen in his or her life. Pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5: 17)