Welcome to Great Mother Heart

We believe that you are not here by coincidence, but by providence. This website is designed to celebrate mothers, whom God has used to raise exceptional children in past generations and in this present generation. We are here also to serve as a beacon of hope to those who are struggling in motherhood. There is hope in Christ and with His help, all mothers can fulfill their callings.

Motherhood is a blessed institution established by God; it is an integral part of God’s eternal grand design to bring about His purpose for the family. At Great Mother Heart, we believe that motherhood is a place of significance, a place of influence, and a place of relevance. Our ultimate goal is to help mothers identify this significance, and challenge and prepare them to unleash their potential for positive influence.

This site contains inspiring articles and stories, wisdom from the Holy Scriptures, and other resources related to issues facing today’s mother. May you be blessed as you browse through these pages; it is our prayer that your heart be open to receive the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the fellowship of His Spirit.

Our Mission

At Great Mother Heart, we strive to provide inspiration through the sharing of the gospel message, inspirational stories, seminars, conferences, workshops, and blogging. Although we will be approaching motherhood from a biblical perspective, our outreaches transcend religious affiliations.

Our desire is that through this website, mothers across the globe will find solace for their hurting souls, and many more will receive comfort, encouragement, and the tools they need to successfully impart wisdom and positive influence on their families—especially their children.

Meet the Author

My name is Jones and I’m married to my wife, Tanya. We have three children. We live in Calgary, Alberta. I am a physical therapist by training, and I have been practicing for the past 18 years. The inspiration to start Great Mother Heart came to me when my beloved mother passed away on February 9, 2014. We had a Christian wake to celebrate her life. During the service, all her children had ample opportunity to reminisce about the life our mother had lived; we all shed tears of joy from fond memories we talked about. I remember her sacrifice, enduring love, care, prayers, and resilience; the list goes on and on. Then, I realized there was no better way to keep her legacy alive than to start this blog and write about motherhood. The question then arose: Why would a father take so much interest in motherhood — a terrain that traditionally belongs to the mother? The answer is self-evident in that she helped me became who I am today. I grew up with the only love I knew — the unwavering love of a Godly mother. I knew no other parental love since my father passed away when I was four years old.

My mother was my mentor and cheerleader; she was my teacher; she taught me unforgettable life lessons that I still apply today. She was a woman of faith. I derived my earlier insight into life and spirituality from my mother’s adherence to old fashion Anglicanism. Morning prayers were a daily spiritual exercise. Personal morning prayer always precedes a congregational one. I remember with fond memory the battle of wills or, should I say, a small tug of war that usually ensued almost every morning. As the call-to-prayer bell rang, my mother would wake me up, grab me by hand to take me to church for morning prayer, which I always resisted because I wanted to sleep some more. My mother always had a solution for my “sleep problem.” In a gentle but firm voice, she would say to me, “Son, come with me to church, and when we get there, you can continue your sleep.” Just like that. I believe it’s only a mother that can wield such an enormous influence, and that was the crucible that shaped my earlier spirituality.

My mom also taught me to dream–I mean big dreams. Even before I could dream, she dreamt for me. Her dream for me was so robust that I could not dream less for myself. She made me believe that there is a bigger world out there that I must explore. She emphasized to me the importance of higher education as a tool to explore that world of opportunity.

She had her fair share of struggles as well, one of them being poverty. Even though we were poor, parsimony was not a virtue to her. She was both open-hearted and open-handed. She gave out of the paucity of our resources without hesitation. To her, giving was living. She believed that the genuineness of our humanity is wrapped up in the sacrifice and love we show to others.

I’m so blessed to have had her as my mother. I believe there are countless numbers of mothers like her that we must celebrate every day for their sacrifice in raising their children. Also, I do know that there are mothers who fall short of the acceptable standard of mothering; their children are not proud of them, their relationship is horrible, and some are even sworn enemies. We have a message of hope. Reconciliation is not only possible but achievable. My goal is to encourage mothers and their children to pursue reconciliation so that they can experience the joy that only motherhood offers. GMH is here to celebrate and inspire mothers. We will provide them the opportunity to know that motherhood is a place of significance and influence. The potential for positive influence is enormous. We are looking forward to celebrating you as well.