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We are fast approaching the end of a year that has tested our global community’s faith, resolve, and patience on so many levels.  Yet the holidays are a time of hope, peace, and joy; there is always a

Jones Onigbinde

Jones Onigbinde – Great Mother Heart …

time and place for celebration and renewal of faith.  And a time to celebrate and honor mothers.

The power of a mother’s love and sacrifice for her children is second only to the power of prayer.  One of my favorite quotes is from Rudyard Kipling – it says,

“God could not be everywhere, therefore he made mothers.”

I invite you to spend an evening with me, Jones Onigbinde, on December 17, 2020 at 8pm Eastern.  I will be conducting a webinar on, “Christian Moms In The Era Of Moral Contradictions.”  Some of the topics I’ll be covering include:

  1. Moral Contradictions In Society
  2. Biblical View Of Parenting And Wholesomeness In The Family
  3. Encouraging Words For Christian Moms

Society is struggling in many ways right now.  One of the obvious issues with a tremendous impact is that society, as a whole, has removed God from our culture.  We are now faced with the fallout of this decision in a time when our faith is needed the most.

As a Christian mother, you may find yourself shouldering yet another burden as you must now guide your children to faith in a world that punishes the faithful.  You are not alone.  It is time for us to come together.  Join me for a message of hope, inspiration, and celebration of Christian mothers.

This holiday, take an evening to connect with others, raise your voice in song, and remember, there is great comfort in faith and prayer. I hope to see you there.

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