I am a voracious reader. For as long as I can remember, books have been my escape and my most reliable friend. My husband always jokes that we’re in trouble if our house ever catches on fire because of all the books we have packed in boxes and sitting on shelves.

I think as moms we all agree that reading is a really important part of our children’s growth and development. But I have a lot of mom friends who tell me that they don’t really love to read, but think it’s important for their kids to see them reading. So I always go on a mission to find them books that will transport them. I think the key to loving reading is to just find the right thing – for you – to read.

To them, I say, books have changed my life. Not just for the knowledge I’ve gained or the time I’ve spent just plain enjoying a good book, but it’s so much more than that. If you’re struggling to find something to read (or just always on the lookout for a good book recommendation!) here’s what books have done for me and my life:

And these are just some of my favorite books. I couldn’t even being to count the number of books I’ve read in my life and I know that each of them have left a mark, no matter how small, on my personality. I’ve carried the countless characters with me, thought about them frequently, and felt as if they were old friends.

My kids love to read and for that I’m so very grateful. I love to watch them read, as their little faces become enraptured with what is going on on those pages. I’m so happy they have a love of books, as there is nothing more I want as a parent than for them to be changed, or transported, or challenged, or just plain wrapped up.

So if you’d like to read more, check out some of my suggestions above. Also, I know how we’re all busy as moms and might not have time to sit down to read. For that, I highly recommend audio books! You can listen while you drive, fold laundry, work out, almost any time!

And I would really, really love some new book recommendations! What’s the best think you’ve read lately?