We’re now into a new year, and I always like to take time to reflect back on the previous year. There’s an awful lot to reflect on – political unrest, global pandemics,

Jones Onigbinde

Jones Onigbinde – Great Mother Heart …

social media upheaval … it’s easy to forget all the wonderful events that also occurred, mainly because they are never a focus of the mainstream media and are less likely to go viral. There were many instances of hope, joy, and spiritual accomplishments and many challenges for those of us rooted in faith.

It was a particularly challenging year for parents, especially moms. Raising a child is both a calling and a blessing, never more so than now. All of our cultural institutions have undergone seismic changes in their beliefs, orientation, and influence. Know that you are not alone, you have fellow travelers along this journey of parenthood and the Lord is on your side.

I hosted a webinar in December of 2020 discussing some of these topics – if you missed it, I invite you to watch the replay here:



I hope you enjoyed the presentation, and the message resonates with you. I will be hosting webinars on various topics throughout the year and invite you to join me – in the meantime, I’d love to hear your thoughts, please post a comment below. What concerns you most as a mother/parent? Do you have any stories to share – instances where perhaps you’ve been tested as a parent by societal pressures?